For the past few months I have been working on illustrations for a new childrens book. Titled Mama’s Masquerade, it relates the story of a little girl whose mama likes to be different. She dresses up in fancy dress, goes on retro picnics, cuts and dyes her hair, and generally enjoys change. Her little girl however just wants her mama to be her mama, she doesn’t like all her changes, especially when she dresses in suits and goes to work, or goes on a diet and becomes all skinny. The book has been written by J.R Poulter, and I’m aiming to have it completed and submitted to the Publishers at the beginning of March! So you can imagine! My fingers are covered in inks and pencil shavings, as I have been creating each of the pages for the book.

Here are a few progress shots.


wip katcameron


katcameron wip2